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Quality HUB India is World’s leading and India’s # 01 online training platform offering professional courses in English and Hindi. We offer Training, Consultancy, and Project Management Services on Business Transformation, Operation & Business Excellence, Six Sigma, Lean Management, Management systems to name a few.


Expert Faculty with wealth of knowledge

Full time faculties

Average years of experience 15 years

60% of advanced degrees

Course Structure

Elaborative Theory Content

Realworld Case Studies

Practice Test Papers

Doubt clearing session

Established in 2017

As of September 2021 we have more than 13000 enrolled students from 50+ countries in various professional courses.
  • Six Sigma
  • Internal auditor
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Core tools

Professional Courses

Job-oriented customized professional courses to help you excel in your professional carrier.

Question Answer
Name ED School of Public Health
Founded 1916 by William H. Welch
Current dean Michael J. Klag, MD, MPH ’87
Students 2,243 from 81 nations
Faculty 670 Full-time, 709 Part-time
Research Ongoing in more than 130 countries
Total budget $500 million+
Alumni 23,814 since 1919
Departments Preschool, elementary