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What is the Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)? Benefits of SMED. Steps to achieve SMED.

SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) is a system for reducing equipment changeover time dramatically. With the SMED system, as many changeover steps as possible are transformed into “external” (performed while the equipment is running) and the remaining steps are simplified and streamlined. Single-Minute Exchange 

Tips To Crack a Job interview

You can succeed in your upcoming job interview by using these 5 techniques. It has always been difficult to ace a job interview, which makes it stressful for applicants. The Covid-19 outbreak has made it more more difficult because businesses have had to adapt to 

Industrial Safety Free Online Courses & Certifications

What Is Industrial Safety and why it is important? The main goal of industrial safety is to prevent fatalities, serious injuries, and occupational diseases. Before we can grasp industrial safety, let’s define safety. Safety is the condition of being free from risks, dangers, and accidents 

Leadership Development Program

Previously, it was thought that leaders are innate and cannot be developed. The assertion is no longer accurate, though. It is extremely likely that leaders can be developed for the expansion and improvement of any organization. Training leaders who can carry out the organization’s plans 


OEE( OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS) gauges the proportion of actual production time that is productive. There is a lot of room for improvement because many production lines are just 60% productive. WHAT IS OEE? A “best practices” indicator called OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) measures the proportion 

What is Problem Solving? Steps, Process, and Approach.

Problem solving is a fundamental life skill that is necessary for daily living at home, school, and work. Every day, we fix issues or problems without actually giving them any thought. For instance, let’s say you need to go to the store and it is 

Cost Reduction Technique: Cut Costs and Maximise Profits

In this Quality HUB India course, you’ll learn practical techniques to identify wasted money in your company, detailed tips for analyzing the effectiveness of your biggest costs, understand why you should increase your prices or reduce your quality, learn which of your customers are actually costing you 


In order to manage departments, functions, and processes, Daily Work Management (DWM) is a system whereby processes are defined, standardized, regulated, and improved by the process owners. Nichijo Gemba Kanri, also known as daily work management, is a crucial component of the KAIZEN journey and 

What Is Production Management and Its Jobs in 2022 and 2023

Find more about the qualifications needed, wages, required work experience, and degrees in production management. To generate desired outputs, such as products, production management controls manufacturing and manages production inputs including raw materials, capital, and labour. Regardless of the size of the organisation, managing production 

THE BEST Online Learning Platform of 2022

Glad to announce that, Quality HUB India has been awarded ‘THE BEST Online Learning Platform for 2022” by Business Connect Magazine in INDO-ASIA BUSINESS EXCELLENCE SUMMIT #IABES 2022 We are deeply gratified to receive the award from eminent personalities like Smt. Jaya prada (Bollywood actress),