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Our Affiliate Network

Our program is completely free to join, simple to sign up for, and does not require any technical experience.

Promote & Earn

Education is always in need and never goes to waste. You may easily earn more income by promoting our courses on your site or social media accounts.

Quality Hub India is a one-stop destination for a variety of certificate courses, serving professionals from a variety of industries with relevant training content delivered through a unique delivery style and high-tech experience. Due to the massive surge in demand for online education, e-learning is emerging as a significant mode of learning and offers tremendous potential for affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

It’s a smart way to make money online, as you’ll be paid a commission on sales made through your site’s reference.

Why should you become a member of our affiliate programme?

Earn a commission for each referral you make by endorsing our course for a small fee. When one of your recommendations purchases a course, you will receive a 15% commission on the course charge, after deduction of taxes and other charges.

Note: Payments are made on a monthly basis, and you must have accumulated a minimum of Rs.1000 in order to be paid out. If your amount does not meet the minimum payment requirement for that month, it will be carried forward until it does. Google pay or phone pay or Account transfer is used for all transactions.

How does it work?

When users click on the affiliate link and buy our product through your site after becoming an affiliate, you will be paid a commission. Our experts will make the process as straightforward and painless as possible for you.

How can I become a member?

To become an affiliate, you have to click on the option displayed on the Quality HUB India app or portal (courses.qualityhubindia.com) Become an affiliate. You have to complete the process and get an Affiliate link. Now you have to share your affiliate link and get a commission for that.

What is the best way to make the Affiliate Program work?

To earn a commission, you can use a variety of promotional strategies such as banners, links, and post product evaluations on your website. Your Sales will be shown in-app and portal also.

When a customer makes a purchase on your website, you will get compensated.

Is it possible for me to promote my business on multiple websites?

Yes, of course! The sole stipulation is that the website or blog be relevant to our classes. The banners placed on such sites will increase the number of visits, resulting in increased conversions.

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