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Through our expertise, we are able to assist our clients with identifying gaps, alternative applications, competitive advantages, and new opportunities.

Industries can rely on us for the following services:

• Corporate and business unit expansion plans

  • customer strategy, including pricing and value proposition.

• Improved performance, including lower production costs Follow technological and market trends to find new application areas.

We are the leading providers of Lean Manufacturing Training Consulting, Kaizen Manufacturing, Business Excellence, and Organization Excellence.

The companies we have partnered with have successfully implemented TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MAINTENANCE -TPM, TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT -TQM, HOSHIN KANRI, and various other excellence tools.

Our commitment to People-Process Partnership means that we co-create solutions with clients and work cooperatively with their staff to design solutions in the most efficient manner.

As a result of our extensive experience, we have helped our clients solve their most critical business problems, help them to take better decisions, translate actions into results, and develop Super Brands.

Lean Kaizen Scope Of Work:

• Determine the nature of the business and the market
• Understand the financials, vision, goals, challenges, and gapes of the
• Identify the goals that must be met

• Select the appropriate tools and approach for process improvement that
directly reflects business profitability and increases workplace belonging

• Create a strategic excellence roadmap to achieve immediate short-term
goals while also building the competences required to realize the long-term

• Develop timelines and outline a framework

• Execution through training and handholding on-site

• Audit

 Benefits of Kaizen Manufacturing & Lean Manufacturing Training     Consultancy

  1. Slashing costs by 25-30%
  2. Slashing rejections by 50%
  3. Slashing space utilization by 50%
  4. Slashing break downs by 50%
  5. Slashing inventory by 50-60%
  6. Improving on time delivery up to 99%

Lean Kaizen Implementaion Methodology:

We use Japanese management systems that we learned from well-known Japanese Senseis. “To adopt new ways of doing business, companies must change their behavior and work philosophy,” effectively summarises the approach to constant change.
KAIZEN Lean Manufacturing Training and Consulting is delivered through a tailored program

• ONSITE WORKSHOPS engaging the entire organization, with a learning by doing, hands-on, team-based approach, as well as execution and maintenance methodology.
• The GEMBA’s FOCUS is on the action, and the EXECUTION is on the job.

• The problems are broken down into OBJECTIVES, each with a cross-functional team and a PILLAR LEADER to steer the projects under the expert’s leadership.

• Lean training consulting begins with the fundamentals—Lean history, pillars, and tools—and progresses to the organization or department campaigns, which encourage human resources to comprehend, embrace, and meet the difficulties that are presented. This boosts team spirit while also creating a friendly competitive environment.

The visuals and storyboards self-explain the progress of the Lean Training within the function or the organization and continually link its impact with business values.

Our Value Added Services:

Quality HUB India provides Training and Consulting services in the following areas:

  • Kaizen
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Operational Excellence
  • Business Excellence
  • Organization Excellence

Benefits Of Lean Kaizen Implementation

• Developing a Continuous Improvement Culture
• Creating a very visible plant

• Significantly reducing throughput time

• Getting the Most Out of Your Space

• There will be no breakdowns, defects, accidents, wastage, or risk.

• Inventory Management

• Increasing the Productivity of Manpower

• Managing and improving employee performance

• Cost-cutting

• Revenue and Profitability Maximization

• Total Organization Excellence & Kaizen Manufacturing


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