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SMED Training

We are thrilled to share the success of a dynamic and comprehensive workshop conducted by Quality HUB India on Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED), exclusively for our valued client, Global Dent Aids. ??

SMED Training

Event Highlights:

? Workshop Focus:

The workshop was meticulously crafted to address the unique quality management needs of Global Dent Aids, centering around enhancing processes and elevating overall quality standards in their operations.

? Expert Guidance:

Mr. Aryan Viswakarma, a seasoned expert in Lean Manufacturing, led the workshop, sharing his extensive knowledge and practical insights to empower Global Dent Aids’ team members.

? Interactive Learning:

The workshop wasn’t just a lecture; it was an immersive experience! Interactive sessions, group activities, and hands-on exercises kept the participants engaged and facilitated the immediate application of concepts.

? Global Dent Aids’ Commitment:

The enthusiastic participation and commitment of Global Dent Aids’ team members showcased their dedication to embracing quality excellence as a core value.


? “A truly enriching experience! The workshop opened our eyes to new possibilities in set up time reduction through SMED. Kudos to Mr. Aryan Viswakarma and Quality HUB India!” – Mr. Uttam Kumar

? “Practical, insightful, and immediately applicable to our work. This workshop has redefined our approach to Productivity improvement.” – Mr. Deepak Kumar

Next Steps:

? Quality HUB India is committed to continuing this journey with organizations that value excellence. If you’re ready to elevate your quality standards, reach out to us today!

? https://qualityhubindia.com/

? [email protected]

Thank you, Global Dent Aids, for entrusting us with your quality journey. Here’s to a future of excellence! ? #QualityManagement #WorkshopSuccess #GlobalDentAids #QualityExcellence

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