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Before going to the main topic to understand Steps to Cure Constipation Permanently, let’s first understand what is Constipation. Constipation is that feeling, when we are not able to empty our bowels in the morning, then it-

  • Spoils our mood
  • Reduces the energy levels,
  • Adversely affects our skin and hair

What Causes Constipation?    

Steps to Cure Constipation

Foremost, we should be clear that constipation is not a disease. Consider it more like a warning, a sign, an indication that your body is trying to give about dryness and coldness within your colon which is not allowing the stool to pass. If, however, ignored or not rooted in its cause, constipation can give rise to many other serious problems.

Ayurveda is firm that over 95% of the diseases originate from the stomach. That is why Ayurvedic scriptures talks at length about constipation and how it can be permanently cured by tweaking our lifestyle, eating the right foods including certain herbal concoctions that rejuvenate the digestive tract relieving from constipation. And that’s what it is all about.

How to cure Constipation……………..

  1. Upon waking up, first thing in the morning you should have properly charged water as its helps digestion. Needless to say, drying beverages like tea and coffee upon waking up should be out if you are serious about treating constipation.
  2. Suffering from constipation, you should make it a point to drink this copper-charged water, warm. Put the jug of copper water on gas and heat it. Then pour water into glassware and have it in a squatting position. Drinking water slowly in a squatting position will automatically start building an urge to go. If you are not able to squat, you can opt for drinking first water in the morning in a standing position. After drinking water, if you are ready to go, don’t wait. Else, you can slowly walk around for 2 minutes, gently rubbing your stomach in a clockwise direction. Then go empty your bowels.
  3. Now, your toilet seat makes a huge difference as to how easily you will be able to empty your bowels. It’s a proven fact today that the closer we are to squatting the more easily we can defecate. Understandably, most of us today have only Western-style toilet seats at home. So, an effective hack is to sit on the Western seat like an Indian. Trust me, it’s not as difficult as it may appear at once. However, if you are not comfortable, then keep a stool.
  4. This will also make the evacuation easy. Clenching the teeth while emptying the bowels greatly helps.

So, stop depending on quick fixes, and let’s cure

 Steps to Cure Constipation in 05 Steps with Ayurveda:

 1. 20 minutes after Breakfast

You need to take 3 teaspoons of Abhyarishta, and 3 teaspoons of Kumaryasava with almost equal amounts of warm water. Abhyarishta, as mentioned in the Ayurvedic text of Bhysajya Ratnavali is carefully prepared using over 15 herbs like Haritaki and Munakka that treat constipation from its very root. It is a powerful digestive tonic that pushes movement in the intestines. Kumaryasava, as mentioned in Yogratnakaris prepared using Aloe vera along with 15 other herbs. Its function is to lubricate the colon, push the toxins out and heal it.  Both being fermented for days are light on the stomach and their combination is miraculously effective without any side effects. So, make sure you drink it slowly sip by sip, feeling as if your digestive tract is getting repaired within.

2. In Between Breakfast and Lunch

The next step of this holistic routine in between breakfast and lunch, which is to have a glass of bel sharbat. It suggested just 1 fruit to treat digestive disorders, we would say wood apple or bael or bilva as it is commonly called. Ayurveda talks at length about its high medicinal value which is why it is available all around the year in the form of either sharbat, candy, or murabba. Bael with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties acts as a cleanser for the intestines. Highly recommended for constipation, you should have 4 teaspoons of sharbat mixed in 200 ml of water, once a day. It’s tasty and effective.

  • As touched upon before constipation is your body’s signal that your intestines have gone dry and cold. So, the food you eat greatly impacts it. Foremost, you should strictly avoid eating raw vegetable salads due to their drying and cold properties. Even fruits should not be consumed post-sunset. Ripe bananas, Papaya, Guava, Grapes, Pomegranates, and Soaked figs are the fruits best for you. For proper lubrication, make sure that you are adding 1 teaspoon of desi cow ghee to every meal.
  • Asafetida and Ginger are highly beneficial spices for you. Add them while making curries. Kidney beans, cabbage family plants, and mushrooms should be avoided in constipation. Missing out on fiber is non-negotiable. Ditch the refined flour, bread, and fiber-less packaged foods that stick to the intestines. Instead, you should stick to whole wheat, semi-brown rice, and millet. Oats are specifically best for you. You can eat oatmeal mixed with milk and jaggery powder for breakfast or oatmea fried in ghee with vegetables.
  • Avoid drinking chilled water, rather recommend you to drink warm water throughout the day. Milk products being lubricated should be a part of your daily diet. Especially chhaachh or lassi, post-lunch.
  • At last, you should chew your food properly. No doubt, it is important for anybody but suffering from constipation, you cannot afford your stomach to do the work that is supposed to be done by your teeth.

3. In the evening, at around 5 PM

It is time to execute step 3 which is to have flaxseed tea. Flaxseeds being oily and rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber are also a laxative. To make the tea in a pan, put around 300 ml of water, and add 1 tablespoon of flaxseeds to it. Boil it for about 15 minutes and once the water reduces to half, strain off the seeds. Chew the flax seeds along with the tea. Flaxseeds have a nice nutty taste and the tea is invigorating for the digestive system.

4.20 minutes after dinner

Have 3 teaspoons of Abhyarishta and 3 teaspoons of Kumaryasava with an almost equal amount of warm water. Drink it slowly as it will also help in the fast digestion of your dinner.

5. 30 Minutes Before Sleeping

The last step of this Ayurvedic holistic routine includes having 1 glass of warm milk boiled with a piece of ginger in it.  Mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil to it. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, it forces the muscles of the intestines to contract and push out the stool. Ayurveda has always been used for laxative action and today modern researchers are also in tune with it. Have the milk slowly, warm, just like you sip tea and the benefit of it would be felt the next morning. Then sleep well. I am sure you would have noticed how after you have slept well, just after waking up, you readily feel an urge to go. On the contrary, if you had compromised on sleep, or woke up at an irregular time, you simply don’t get the urge. That’s because the abdominal muscles contract and prepare for bowel movement during sleep. So, sleep well and wake up the next day to have a satisfying spell in the washroom.

Few more things that help in Constipation

  • Avoid Refrigerated Food.
  • Practice Anulom Vilom
  • Massage your Body
  • Live Stress-Free
  • Eat at Fixed Times Daily
  • Include Sprouts in your diet
  • Avoid Non-Veg


This was a holistic routine covering the concoctions that treat the root cause of constipation and lifestyle habits that help you get faster results. Follow this routine for 2 months and then stop. By then, your problem should be properly resolved, and just eating the right foods would be enough.

You will begin to see the results as fast as in 2–3 days. Once you see the situation normalizing, you can even skip the castor oil in milk and stick to the rest of the routine for 2 months. Follow it properly and if you do so, it guarantees that the problem of constipation will be history for you.

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