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History of Artificial Nail

In the 19th century, higher class women of Greece wore empty pistachio shells over their nails and Ancient Egyptian women wore extensions made from bone, gold, and ivory. Artificial nails trend spreading slowly across Europe. In 1954, a dentist, Fred Slack, broke his fingernail during work and he created an artificial nail-like realistic-looking fingernail for a temporary replacement. After he and his brother Tom did many experiments with different materials to perfect his invention and made a successful version and started the Patti Nails company. In the 20th century, Artificial nails became very popular all over the world.

What are Artificial Nails?

Artificial nails are also known as fashion nails, false nails, fake nails, nail extensions, or nail enhancement. Artificial nails are set on fingernails as fashion accessories. False nails are only in an extension form. This is not a replacement of natural fingernails. People are usually used artificial nails when they are not able to grow and when they don’t want to grow the length of nails that they desire because of the softness of nails or for other reasons, so they prefer false nails to look nails beautiful and fingers look long.

How to Create Artificial Nails?

There are mainly two processes to creating artificial nails:

1 Tip:

Nail tips in the lightweight form of nails which is made from a strong bendable material called (ABS) acrylonitrile butadiene Styrene. Nail tips are available in the market in many designs like in different shapes, different colors, and in different sizes but mostly white or clear nails are popular among other colors. This type of nail is attached to natural nails with the help of glue and they only stay for 7 to 10 days.

2 Form:

Nail forms are made of shaped sheets with adhesive backs which effectively wrapped around the natural nail or pre-shaped plastic aluminum which is placed under the free edge.it helping to build nails at desired length and shape. It is easier or quicker to apply than nail Tips.

How many types of Artificial nails are there?

1 Acrylic Nails:

It is made up of acrylic glass in form of malleable beads. Acrylic nails look like natural nails. It helps to fix broken nail and also help to prevent from damaging, nail-biting and splits. Acrylic colors stay on nails for a maximum of 21 days but can last longer with the help of touch-ups..

2 Gel Nails:

Gel nails are also fake nail extensions, but can also use as Nail Polish. Gel nails are last longer than regular nail polish and make a high gloss finish. Gel Nails are strong as well as more expensive, they last for 2 to 3 weeks. Now a new gel extension Gel-X is commonly used which covers the whole nail bed up to the end of the nail. The process of removal of gel-X nails, dissolving in acetone for 20 minutes because it doesn’t remove the layers of natural nails.

3 Dip Powder:

In this type of nail method firstly a clear liquid is brushed onto a nail after that the nail dip into colored or pigmented powder or brushing the powder on the nail. Dip powder result is longer lasting last about a month, longer than gel and acrylic nails.

Which types of fake nails are best?

Acrylic nails are the best and most appropriate choice of artificial nails among others. It gives glossy look to the nails and doesn’t damage the nails. Acrylic nails are quicker or easier to apply and to remove. It is widely available and more affordable.

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Artificial nails enhance the beauty of women who has weak nails, unable to grow and gives a uniform shape and length. They don’t have to wait to grow long because of artificial nails. Artificial nails look alike natural nails and a quick hassle-free cosmetic enhancement. They are easier and quicker to apply and remove. Artificial nails are easily available in the market in different shapes, different colors, and in different sizes at low to high prices.


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