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3K in lean is an important part of the Lean Manufacturing process. To understand the concept, let’s look at a simple traffic rule: what if one person fails to stop at a red light? There could be a two-to-three-person accident. But what if no one stops at the red light? There will be mayhem, and many individuals will be involved in accidents all day.

What will happen in manufacturing if standards are not followed? There will be numerous flaws. The product will be of inferior quality. There will be mishaps and a lot of waste as a result of rejections.

3K in lean management

The standard, on the other hand, is the most crucial criterion. What are the specifications for a standard?

The following should serve as a benchmark:

  1. Correct
  2. Explicit and precise
  3. Easy to understand

For example, if the worker does not speak English, a standard printed in that language is useless.

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