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Gauge R & R Study: Measurement System Analysis (MSA) of the Gage R&R variety is used to assess how well a variable (continuous) measurement system is performing.

Resolution (or discrimination):  The smallest division on the gauge’s scale or the smallest difference in reading that can be displayed on a measuring instrument’s display is called resolution (or discrimination). The smaller measurement it can record, the higher the resolution.

Bias or accuracy: The variance between the average of the observed values and the standard deviation is known as bias or accuracy or actual value.

Linearity: The gauge must be consistent over its whole range to be considered linear.

Stability: Stability is the gauge’s continued constancy throughout time. When the same operator measures the same unit with the same measuring tools over a prolonged period of time, stability is seen if the observed values remain the same.

Precision: The variance between repeated observations of the same unit that is either caused by the operator (Reproducibility) or by the equipment is known as precision (Repeatability).

Reference Value: The theoretically or agreed upon correct value of the characteristic being measured, traceable to some standard

Repeatability: Repeatability is the variation between successive measurements of the same part, same characteristic, by the same person using the same gauge.

Reproducibility: Reproducibility is the difference in the average of the measurements made by different people using the same instrument when measuring the identical characteristic on the same pieces.

Courses on Core Tools from ‘Quality HUB India’:

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  6. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) – Hindi Version
  7. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) – English Version
  8. APQP + PPAP (Hindi Version)
  9. APQP + PPAP (English Version)
  10. Core Tools Complete Package (APQP+PPAP+MSA+SPC+FMEA)- Hindi Version
  11. Core Tools Complete Package (APQP+PPAP+MSA+SPC+FMEA)- English Version

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